Say Hello To Fashion Week

chloeinwhiteNow what would Fashion Week be without Chloe Sevigny. Go Fug Yourself correctly disses the entire package.

When you woke up this morning and realized that the oversized white sunglasses your mom bought for you at Raging Waters back in 1983 still fit your big fat head, didn’t you smile? (read more)

The New York Times commented that Kenneth Cole’s had “a vague whiff of disdain filled the air.” This was due to the short film that was presented prior to the show, that basically said we care more about fashion than politics. Well, a Chanel suit will last at least 20 years, and a President can only last for eight. Draw your own conclusions.

Tara Subkoff’s Imitation of Christ show was slightly more over the top.

Ms. Subkoff opened with a child reciting the Pledge of Allegiance against a backdrop of projected images of Middle Eastern life. A singer who sounded like Jeff Buckley and looked as if he were wearing an Alice Cooper Halloween costume performed various melancholic rants while seated at a piano. T-shirts with images of barbed wire followed. White dresses, smocks and crisscrossed leather sandals inspired by the Hellenic age traveled somberly down the runway, as American flags fluttered from the ceiling. (read more from NYT)

For some Fashion Week can be a big letdown (

Fashion Week is overrated. There I said it. It looks pretty on the outside – with those big white tents, ads for pricey bubbly and Manolo shod gorgeous stick figures trekking up the steps to flash their invitations, but, like many pretty people you know, it’s a let down when you get inside. (read more via Gawker)

What makes Fashion Week a blast, are the parties. Everyone tries to top everyone with what they wear to the shows and parties. It makes fabulous people watching. The New York Times gives us some insight on the MAO runway space party.

A onetime carriage-trade department store in Chelsea, now transformed into the MAO runway space, where a buxom stripper called Bob perched in an enormous plastic Champagne coupe blowing kisses to a crowd of downtown types, who yawned as they awaited the main attraction, the diet-products spokeswoman and reality TV disaster Anna Nicole Smith. (read more from NYT)

Now who wouldn’t want to attend something like that?