Say Hello To Your New ‘Doctor Who’, Peter Capaldi!

August 4th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Doctor Who

Well folks, the time is here and we’ve finally found out who the new Doctor on Doctor Who is!

Put your hands together for the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi! The announcement was made earlier today in a live BBC special simulcast all around the world. It was like an American Idol finale–very intense! So who is this new Doctor?  

Well, if Peter looks familiar to you, it’s probably because he has had quite the prolific career on the other side of the pond. Most notably as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It. Oh, and you might remember him from the Doctor Who episode “The Fires of Pompeii” or as John Frobisher in Torchwood. Oh! And fun fact, Peter played a character called W.H.O Doctor in World War Z. I pointed this out to the folks at the office last week. We were all amused.

Peter came out as the front runner for the role earlier this week, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to folks who have been keeping up with the news. I for one am very excited. He’s older than the past few Doctors we’ve had, so it’ll definitely be an interesting change in the TARDIS.

Peter will take over the role from current Doctor Matt Smith at the end of the Christmas special and start appearing regularly in the 8th season. Here’s hoping that his time as the Doctor is awesome!

What do you think of the announcement? Let us know your thoughts on Peter Capaldi in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

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