Save Perez Hilton!

March 14th, 2005 // 4 Comments

Our friend Perez Hilton is having a problem. A good problem, but still a problem that needs to be fixed. His blog, Hollywood’s most hated site, is too popular. PageSixSixSix (the link is his temporary home) was overwhelmed with hits, after his fabulous appearance on The Insider. Over three hundred thousand people attempted to use at the same time! So his hosting company shut the site down.

So for the love of gossip, Perez is asking for your help to be able to afford a dedicated server and a couple of hopefully hunky IT consulants. So head on over to PageSixSixSix and make a donation to keep the gossip flowing. You may also purchase some PageSixSixSix Whoreanus merchandise. Once you’re done saving Perez, you may also want to check out the fine merchandise in A Socialite’s Life: The Boutique. Drunk Girl mugs make a fine Easter gift.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. biteme

    Loser. Beggin Loser! No shame. No pride. No job. Perez, there are no words. You AND your site suk (I said suk, now go get all giddy Perez)

  2. Anonymous

    This was just posted at Datalounge about our dear Perez Hilton:

    “Perez Hilton, of PageSixSixSix fame–but whose real name shall remain verboten because, unlike him, I have some tact–is a total thief.

    He got run out of L.A. because he is a meth addict and a thief. The boy had the gumption to steal a check from a friend’s apartment and then deposit it into his own account as a third-party check. Like his ass wouldn’t get caught.

    But tina makes you do stupid things. He did get caught, though I’m not sure what happened with his court case. This happened like eight months ago.

    Check fraud, forgery, theft. Then his blog takes off and people in L.A. started posting comments to it about the theft. He deletes them all.

    So you heard it here first. If he gets any more famous, tell people not to let Perez get too close to your dresser drawers, because if he is cracked he will steal from you regardless of the consequences.”

  3. melina

    I love Perez !!! you´re the best …. Viva panamá

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