Save Perez Hilton!

Our friend Perez Hilton is having a problem. A good problem, but still a problem that needs to be fixed. His blog, Hollywood’s most hated site, is too popular. PageSixSixSix (the link is his temporary home) was overwhelmed with hits, after his fabulous appearance on The Insider. Over three hundred thousand people attempted to use at the same time! So his hosting company shut the site down.

So for the love of gossip, Perez is asking for your help to be able to afford a dedicated server and a couple of hopefully hunky IT consulants. So head on over to PageSixSixSix and make a donation to keep the gossip flowing. You may also purchase some PageSixSixSix Whoreanus merchandise. Once you’re done saving Perez, you may also want to check out the fine merchandise in A Socialite’s Life: The Boutique. Drunk Girl mugs make a fine Easter gift.

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