Savannah Guthrie: Good Choice For ‘Today?’ [POLL]

July 9th, 2012 // 1 Comment
Wonder how Natalie Morales handled the news...

Today on, um, Today, the elephant in the room was finally addressed.  After NBC’s morning show gave Ann Curry the heave-ho (but gifted her with a plum new job), there was no formal announcement regarding her replacement.

Savannah Guthrie stepped in after Curry made her emotional departure, but it wasn’t until this morning that Guthrie was officially recognized as Matt Lauer‘s co-host.

Natalie Morales must be PIASSED.  We don’t know the backstory about the network’s decision to go with Guthrie (although there have been rumblings of a past affair between Morales and Lauer, which led to Mrs. Lauer getting all sorts of huffy about Morales taking Curry’s seat)

Watch the montage welcoming Guthrie to Today, and be sure to take our poll after the jump.  We’re dying to know what you think.

Confession: I have accidentally called Guthrie “Samantha” at least three times this morning. 

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Martino

    Dont watch TODAY any more. Its a soap opera. Matt is the one who needed to go.

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