Saucy! Did E.L. James’s Husband Inspire Her To Write ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey?’

E.L. James signed copies of her famous Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy at Waterstones In London, England today, while her hubby, Niall Leonard, spoke about the best-selling book on British morning show, Daybreak.

So, does James (real name: Erika Mitchell) draw inspiration from real life?  “It’s a fantasy, it’s certainly not based on me,” he insisted.  “In fact perhaps being married to me helped her to fantasize about someone more interesting. You are talking about a chap with a 32 inch waist and helicopter pilot licence so it’s certainly not based on me.”

Hah!  What a card you are, Leonard.  How are you two handling the onslaught of fame? 

“She wrote it for herself, all the best books are written for the person who writes them,” he said.  “It was her own story, her own dream. She put it down on paper for a few friends to read it and then wanted it published to have her name on it.

“It was doing ok last summer and then it got bigger and bigger and then exploded. We’re still coming to terms with it, it’s happened so quick we’re both still in shock.”

Leonard is a former television writer, and was inspired by his wife to write a novel, Crusher.  Although this book is a thriller, it does have some “naughty bits,” that were surely inspired by James.