‘Saturday Night Live’ With Justin Timberlake And Lady Gaga

Saturday Night Live wrapped up its season with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga.  Host, Timberlake acted, danced and sang up a storm in multiple sketches.  Musical guest Lady Gaga added to the show by appearing in several of those sketches. Timberlake has become somewhat of a regular on the show, making us all laugh time after time. Andy Samburg and Justin reprised their roles in a sketch as old-school rappers that ended with a ‘Gaga three-way’.  Who knew Justin and Lady Gaga could be such a hysterical duo?

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Timberlake’s first appearance on Saturday Night Live was in 2006 when he doubled as a host and musical guest.  This show featured the hit digital short “Dick in a box” with Samburg.  Lady Gaga has also appeared on SNL before, her most memorable performance being “Pokerface”.