The Saturday Morning And After School Special: Best 90s Cartoons [Flashback]

Top T.G.I.F. shows
Did your favorite TGIF show make the list?
Let’s go back to a time when Saturday morning and after school specials involved line-ups of witty and often stealthy educational programs. Long before we were mature adults, guiltily consumed by CW and ABC Family dramas like The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, we were young kids rushing home from school to catch the latest episode of Pinky and the BrainBobby’s World, or Doug.

Just as the 1990’s saw the Disney Renaissance in animated films, the decade also celebrated a golden era in television animation. We rushed home from school to watch the latest Animaniacs, we woke up early on Saturday morning to catch the newest episode of Recess. From Disney to FOX, The WB to ABC, there was no shortage of great children’s programming in the 1990’s.

Although current programs like Phineas and Ferb and Avatar: The Legend of Korra successfully feed our childlike need for awesome cartoons; no new show will ever be able to replace the cartoons we fell in love with as children. Launch the gallery and reminisce over 20 of the most cherished children’s cartoons from the 90’s. Which was your favorite?