Sex Can Be Seen All Over the City

September 21st, 2007 // 6 Comments

As you guys have seen for the past few days or so, pictures of the “Sex and the City” gals shooting scenes in NYC for their film have been popping up everywhere. According to Matt Webb Mitovitch at TV Guide, it’s totally possible that the producers have been staging fake scenes to throw fans and the media off the trail of the real storyline, however if that’s not the case, then it looks like Big gives Carrie a hunk of a ring, signaling wedding bells, perhaps? And, of course, we’ve seen the pictures of a Kristin Davis in pregnancy gear, leading us to speculate that Harry and Charlotte have a baby on board.


More photos of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Buttercup

    I love seeing Carrie’s crazy outfits (she can pull them off!), but not sure about a movie. I’ll definitely see it, but I wish they would just continue the series.

  2. ginger

    Anyone else hating Samantha’s flashback 80′s power suit with the massive shoulder pads?
    This look should be banished from this earth FOREVER! Ick.

  3. someone

    I was addicted to the series, can’t wait to see the movie…

  4. ftrjvneri

    OMFG! four. of the. UGLIEST! women. EVER!
    horseface and her ugly beasty trolls.

    although, i guess that davis chick is not too terribly bad? she may be doable, IF those other gargoyles are no where around!

  5. Chippers

    I can’t stand most of the clothing that Carrie wore. If anyone in real life wore those fugly outfits, they would be laughed at wherever they went. I don’t understand why they say that SJPee Pee is/was such a trendsetter. Grossies!

    P.S. Samantha… The Eighties called… they want their suit back…

  6. john

    i love SL but every time i click to see a photograph it is blocked by an ad. the result of this is that i tend to go to other blogs more often. please get rid of those awful ads. who wants to buy anything that irritates them

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