Satan’s Image Appears On Turtle’s Shell

March 23rd, 2005 // 4 Comments

ordinarypeopleThat Satan is just amazing.

An Indiana pet store owner says he sees the image of Satan on the shell of a turtle that was the only survivor of a store fire in October.

The palm-sized red-eared slider turtle, named Lucky, was the only animal to survive the fire at Dora’s A-Dora-ble Pet Shop in nearby Frankfort, about 40 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

Owner Bryan Dora now says he sees Satan’s face on the critter’s shell. He can spot lips, eyes, a goatee, shoulders and a pair of pointy horns on Lucky’s back.

“The marking on the shell was like the devil wanted us to know he was down there,” Bryan Dora said. “To me, it’s too coincidental that the only thing to come out unscathed would have this image on it.”

The image was not visible before the fire and Dora speculates the intense heat might have caused the shell’s color to change. The turtle is healthy and there was no change in its behavior, he said.

The cause of fire that destroyed nine businesses or offices in the 1912 building in downtown Frankfort has not been determined.

“Turtles can hold their breath quite awhile,” Dora said. “He may have taken one breath just before and held it through the fire. Except that the fire went on and on for hours.”

Pet store owner: Satan’s image on turtle’s shell [CNN]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. eric

    oh my god. what an idiot hoosier. i’m so embarrassed i live in indiana. god, get me out of here!

  2. Sashay

    Freakin’ weirdos man

  3. Cynthia

    If you look really closely, you can spot Satan’s image on Paris Hilton’s boney ass!

  4. crystal

    Why are u hatin on paris hilton? Anyone that does not like her is just stupid! Most likely your just jealous because she is beautiful and is rich! Get a reality check!

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