Sasha Fierces Flaunts Her Shit, But Beyonce Might Get Sued

Looking like every inch the over-the-top pop diva that is her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, Beyonce Knowles gives is her all in these images from her tour book.

However, the strong-willed singer is currently under fire for pulling out of a $200,000 gig at a West 27th Street nightclub in NYC. According to the club’s owner, Joey Morrisey, Knowles signed a contract to appear, after which time he started spending dough to prep for the event.

When Beyonce nixed the performance, citing scheduling difficulties, her people offered to have her “hang out for an hour.” To this, Morrissey says, “What good does her showing up for an hour do me? They’ve been totally unwilling to agree to another show.”

Simmer down now, sir. This woman has shoulder pads and clearly isn’t afraid to use them. It would not do well to upset her.

Gallery Info:
Images of Beyonce Knowles as Sasha Fierce from her tourbook.