Sarah Palin Tears Levi Johnston A New One

October 28th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but this isn’t exactly the juiciest of political catfights. reports that Levi Johnston had some choice words about his ex-mother-in-law, Sarah Palin, whom he claims referred to her son as ‘retarded’ (little Trig has Down’s syndrome), and implied that this was just the tip of the iceberg of juicy dirt he has on her.

Palin shot back with a statement of her own, tagging Johnston as the attention-whore he really is by saying “those who would sell their body for money reflect a desperate need for attention.”

Day-um!  I loathe to agree with the ex-governor, but we’re talking about a kid who squired Kathy Griffin to the Teen Choice Awards, posed for topless pictures in GQ with his baby, and is currently planning to pose for Playgirl.

Anyone who makes the disgraced former governor of Alaska look good needs to rethink some choices.

Gallery Info: Levi Johnston at LAX in Los Angeles hopping the next slow boat to Alaska.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. RonniNY

    The ex gov rode quite a bit of a “fame wave” for being a former beauty pageant strutter in her skimpy bathing suit. She’s quite known for her red heels and VERY short skirts and her layout in Runners World magazine leaves nothing to the imagination. She’s been using her body for gain since before Levi was born. She’s a hypocrite!

    And as for saying that Levi has a “desperate need for attention”, that is the classic “pot calling the kettle black” scenario. Palin’s need for attention is certifiable.

    I believe Levi truly does have the goods on Palin and she’s doing damage control, best she can. The majority of the public doesn’t follow the backstory of the Palins. There are more juicy stories to come. Promise!

  2. Leigh

    Skimpy bathing suit? What was skimpy about that bathing suit? It was standard issue, common beach-wear for the early 1980′s….certainly tame by today’s standards.

    Red heels? Got ‘em in my closet…as do most American women.

    Short skirts? Sarah wears standard “office attire”. Sotomayor wears shorter skirts.

    Runner’s World photos that left nothing the imagination? Again…she was wearing standard running clothing…and showing very little skin.

    What is it exactly that Sarah Palin is supposed to wear in order not to be provocative? An eskimo suit?

  3. Kaviani

    She’ll always be a bigger prozzie than him. She quit her obligation to her constituents just to shill a book. And now she’s doing her blatantly self-promoting tour rather than offering her fame to promote her favorite causes like any decent conservative would do. I dismiss.

  4. Kally

    Wasn’t the ex gov of Alaska supposed to fade into the background after the election?
    When will that start?

  5. DEO

    Palin she didn’t bring up her daughter, Brisket, to sell her body for money like Levi, she was instructed to just GIVE it away….

    You notice Palin ALWAYS takes the Levi bait she RESPONDS to him every time…nothing else JUST Levi. Isn’t there a chapter in her lame book about LEVI, and how evil he turned out to be after she lied and told America how fantabulous he was?
    Beauty Pageant Scarah is a hypocrite. More power to Little Levi for fighting against the Palin money & vulgarity machine. Palin is tapdancing vaudeville act.

  6. Julia

    It’s called Down Syndrome, not Down’s.

  7. Karyn

    C’mon. He’s also hinted that he had damaging information about some of the decisions she made while in office.

    I’m supposed to believe that the governor of Alaska and then a vice presidental candidate would sit down with her daugther’s baby daddy and discuss her political business – including potentially illegal and unethical behavior? I doubt she’d even have those conversations with her daugther.

    He’s an attention-whore and I can’t wait until his 15 minutes are up.

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