George Clooney And Sarah Larson Are As Weird As Other Celebrity Couples

George Clooney’s finding out that when a global superstar makes a random famous overnight, the freakiness comes a’runnin! Clooney reportedly received an anonymous call telling him to offload Sarah Larson. He tried to trace it. People with money can make things happen.

Clooney played a voicemail message for a New Yorker reporter in which a “calm middle-aged voice” said “Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message: Dump the bitch before you’re sorry!”

Sarah Larson heard about this message and allegedly went off about how everyone’s giving her shit about supposedly being a stripper who’s after Clooney for his money. Well, DUH! What the hell? This is America, honey. People jump to conclusions. We’re judgey; it’s what we do! Clooney sent his “police officer-driver” to track down the call but came to a dead end. Police officer driver? Clooney can hire from the police force? Does he run the mob, too?

Sarah might be feeling a little sensitive this week. A supposed former lover, “rock musician” Tommy McKaughan, told the press that Sarah’s into sex magick and running naked in the woods under starlight. She’s a total nymph.

“She made up special love potions and rubbed them into every part of my body. I was powerless to resist. I know George will be no different. He’ll be totally entranced,” McKaughhan said. This Sarah Larson chick is becoming more interesting as the days go on. That’s some hippie Wiccan sexy stuff. What has Clooney gotten himself into?

Photos: Getty Images