Sarah Larson Is Fun

Get it, girl! Grab it, and don’t let go for anything! Sarah Larson is George Clooney’s latest manpurse. You might remember her as the rather quiet, demure young lady on his arm at this year’s Oscars. Yeah, that’s an act. Here are some pics of Sarah getting bodied by a dude against the wall and then writhing on a beach. Her vagina must be fiery! This is the REAL Sarah Larson.

“Sarah looks like she totally belongs, walking down the red carpet on George’s arm,” a source says. “She’s even been described as having a successful runway and print modeling career. But until recently, her modeling career consisted mostly of being paid by promoters for clubs, magazines and radio stations to attend special events in sexy outfits and party with her wild girlfriends!

That sounds like a promoter said it. “Wild girlfriends”? *eye roll*

Anyway, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s Vegas. We’re lucky she wasn’t opening beer bottles with her clitoris. You’re supposed to act like a big whore in Vegas. It’s on a bronze plaque on city hall with a pile of vomit underneath it. Remember, I once got so drunk in Vegas that I let a hooker rob me. That sucked. But Vegas doesn’t.

We know why Clooney’s keeping her around. Look at the picture above. She can probably do spins on that thing.

One more racy photo of Sarah Larson is after the jump.