Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Anna Wintour To Smile At Narciso Rodriguez Show!

Anna Wintour smiling is a big deal. So soak it up. Apparently she was caught smirking and giggling next to Sarah Jessica Parker during Narciso Rodriguez’s show during NY Fashion Week.

Parker seemed to be having a ball, laughing and smiling and clapping enthusiastically.
She’s been spotted at several shows and parties throughout the week. Claire Danes and Courtney Love were also in the audience for the show, with the latter looking healthier than she has in a while. Check out photos of them and David Byrne, Leigh Lezark and Rodriguez.

However, she was still acting a damn fool. She spent the show rushing around the audience, texting furiously throughout, saluting at various friends and talking non-stop to her young male companion. Some things never change, especially when your brain has been rotted away by drugs.