Sarah Jessica Parker Calls Matthew Broderick ‘Average’

Oh, poor SJP. Can’t turn back the hands of time on this one.

Sarah Jessica Parker was promoting that movie you may have heard about on David Letterman last night (May 25), where she sported some fantastic shoes and a sexy zebra print dress. In a boring discussion about her son James Wilkie’s experimental school, Parker was explaining how it was good that he was one of the older kids in his class, because he is short.

“He’s not quite tiny – that’s on my husband’s side – well, actually Matthew is average…” she says. Whoops. But before you start pointing fingers and laughing a Matthew Broderick for being poorly endowed and boring (oh sorry, that’s my finger) she catches herself.

“Not in personality or in intellect…. no, no, no, no, no,” Sarah says and tries to list all off her husband’s amazing qualities (leaving out his fashion sense) before saying she was clearing talking about his height. Whatever, she still called him tiny.

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