Sarah Jessica Parker And Cynthia Nixon Sex Up The City

Sure we’ve seen Sarah Jessica Parker looking fabulous on the set of Sex & The City 2 for a few days now, but this time she’s joined by our favorite red head, Cynthia Nixon. The duo was seen shooting a scene for their new movie today around New York City.

Yesterday we caught Sarah with Chris Noth, leaving everyone to wonder what will happen to the two of them this time around. We even got to see super hot Kim Cattrall being super hot. Who doesn’t love it?

Cynthia and Sarah looked lovely and comfortable on the set today. Nothing too strange, like what was going on here, but just easy, breezy and beautiful. Well, unless you count those heels. Those are strange. What I don’t understand though is why did they cancel the show to just keep making movies? Anyone?

Gallery Info: Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon on the set of Sex & The City 2 in New York City.