Sarah Jessica Parker And Camila Alves Are Bravo Babes

Don’t tell the other channels, but I definitely love Bravo the best. Where else can I see real housewives and cheftestants compete with equal fervor?

Bravo drew together their list of reality and real life stars for a party to celebrate their new line up and new personalities. Those newbies includes Mathew McConaughy’s fiance Camila Alves who took over Jaclyn Smith’s hosting dues for the reinstated Shear Genius. I bet McCanoughye never thought he would be slumming it with Kim Zolciak. Anything for his lil’ lady. Kell on Earth’s Kelly Cutrone is another newbie.

The roster of Real Housewives attended, including a very pregnant Betheny Frankel. Simon Van Kempen and Alex McCord showed, even though last we heard they were not welcome at Bravo anymore. The network announced they will be airing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but we don’t spy any potential cast members attending the party. Rats.

Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in a white blazer over a dress and layers of long necklaces. The Sex and the City star is co-producing a reality show called American Artist along with the producers of Project Runway (guess they still talk). True to competitive reality format, the show will feature 13 up-and-coming contemporary artists who will compete in art challenges in all genres and styles, to win a gallery exhibition, money, and sponsored national tour. It’s hard enough getting people to a museum, how are they going to pull this off?