Sarah Jessica Parker Wafts Her Scent

Who knew Sarah Jessica Parker had Madonna arms? It must be from having to lift all those terrible hats and plunk them on her head. I wasn’t allowed to write that post because I had too many things to say about that butterfly conservatory she had on her melon for the premiere. What the -? Bitch, you are too old/not old enough to be that whimsical! Your gay husband should have put the kibosh on that! Unless it was his idea…

Sarah Jessica took part in a press day for some movie she has coming out, and answered many a question. She already has two fragrances on the market, and has a third “genderless” one coming out. She feels that if you don’t smell, you’re naked.

“I have a genderless one that I’ve been working on for about six months,” she said, “and wore it a lot when I was shooting the movie. If I walk out without wearing fragrance, it’s my version of being completely nude. Which, as you know, I never am.” Yeah, you made Kim Cattrall handle that portion!

Sarah says she gave the Sex and the City movie her all.

“I would rather be cold and look good,” she says. “I would rather wear heels and run down the block for 14 hours, and in six months see it on screen and think, ‘Yeah, I should have been in heels running down the street after that cab.’ You have to be a thoroughbred about it if you care.”

She did not just publicly compare herself to a thoroughbred when she has horse face. Look, I love SJP but she’s just lobbing softballs at bloggers now.

Photos: Getty Images