Sarah Jessica Parker Experiences Death by Flower

September 21st, 2007 // 17 Comments

Sarah Jessica Parker looks like she’s enjoying herself back on the set of “Sex and the City.” I’m guessing this is mostly because it means that she gets to wear a whole new wardrobe of ridiculous clothing that shows off her super-skinny frame. The flower is unsurprisingly ridiculous, but I’m happy to report that I think her hair looks good. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that this is Carrie’s wacky wedding dress. I hope her bridesmaids are forced to wear short-shorts and gold lame halter tops. It’s the least they can do, since she’s clearly going to be choked to death by that flower on her dress.


More photos of Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of “Sex and the City” are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Persistent Cat

    That dress is atrocious but the shoes are even worse. Are they the same pair as the ones she wore with that hideous green dress? Because what’s with her wearing the same pair of shoes twice?

  2. mg

    I really do love SJP, but yikes…her age is starting to show. But then again, why shouldn’t it? The natural route is much better than plastic surgery. So, in essence, I take it back.

  3. Alissa

    She is fugly, has always been fugly and has NEVER worn a stylish outfit in her entire career. She looks like a old hag trying way to hard to look young. She has never had an talent and the only reason she is still in the spotlight is because a bunch of now 40 yr. old men had a bone for her 20 years ago.

  4. Sha

    The shoes are really similar to the other (DIOR) ones she wore in the first pics. Maybe they are the same ones. I thought it when I saw the first pics and I’m thinkin it now: those are some hot shoes. They’re “freak’um” shoes, lol.The dress is just typical crazy Carrie. can’t wait for this movie!

  5. I love that a movie is coming out, i loved the show-but SJP ditch the ginormous flower-it looks like it will attack your head any minute.

  6. A Boston Socialite

    Now THAT is worthy of a fashion disaster of the day! Yikes…and that dress looks horrible on her fit wise…and don’t get me started on those oh so fug shoes. Geez woman! Get thee an on-set stylist that is not blind.

  7. Mr. T

    My little pony! HEE-HAW!!!!

  8. Angeline

    Whoa, last pic: why is her side so lumpy?

  9. FreakyZ

    She looks like Mr. Ed

    Ohhh Wilburrrrrr…..

  10. Ugh

    Not a pretty horse at all.

  11. Jane

    She looks absolutely ghastly and UGLY. Never could figure out why she made it big. Must have been a good agent because she’s actually quite homely and not a good actress.

  12. Raina

    HEY SARAH JESSICA…THAT’S MY GRANNIE’S DRESS AND SHE WANTS IT BACK–ASAP–what’s a retired widowed woman supposed to wear to the Senior Citizen Dance on Saturday night–I need a NEW grampy, so get crackin!!!! Heifer.

  13. Aeol

    Damn, you 11 people are harsh. Read the Secret people, share some love. SJP is what happens when 40-something women receive unnatural pressure to stay young, i.e. Teri Hatcher and her similarly claw-like hands. As for the hideous dress, take that up with Patricia Field. SJP mentioned specifically how the clothes were the only thing that made her hesitant about doing the movie – and if I had to wear that dress I’d be furious.

  14. Nanc'

    Not to be a hater but I think her hair looks dry and messy and…those ROOTS.

  15. lenny

    With a face like that, she’d better be letting ol’ Matty corn-hole her on a regular basis. Seriously, who would want to be looking at her sweaty mug while they are doing it. Just for looking at her during the day, she needs to be letting him clean her colon.

  16. earl

    The nose and the face wart!!! Yuck.
    I wouldn’t want to kissing that face and end up sucking on her wart.

  17. Sandra

    I am embarrassed, not a huge SJP fan. I am more a Samantha fan and a Samantha kind of girl. Logical thinker, not allot of gray!

    However, I am desperately trying to find those shoes she is wearing with the white dress. I think for her age, she looks wonderful, thin ladies do have more definition and lines. If we fill them up with fat, ok ladies, of course, we look younger!!!!

    I must admit Kim Cattrell who is older than Sarah Jessica looks younger. She’s my girl though!!

    Anyone that can direct me those shoes, something Carrie and I have in common… Please email me

    Fashion is subjective, what style is about is wearing what you are comfortable and feel sexy in!!!

    Her flowers started a trend, do I have one flower, hell no!!


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