Sarah Jessica Parker, H2O-So-Fashionable

Kicking off World Water Day in a dress fit for a stylish mermaid, SJP lent her fashion-forward celebrity to the festivities aimed at helping UNICEF raise funds to provide children with safe drinking water. The event, entitled, “Tap Project,” took place at the NYC’s Hearst Tower.

Personally, I’m loving Sarah’s ensemble–despite any resemblance to a disco ball she may be exhibiting–cause it’s fun, flirty and most importantly (unlike a few Hollywood chicas I could mention) even though we’re getting plenty of leg from SJP, that’s the extent of her exposure. She’s adorable and impossibly tiny, so much so, that the glass of water looks comparatively enormous. Sigh. I wish I had sprite blood running through my veins. Alas, I come from hardy, peasant stock.

More photos of Sarah Jessica Parker from the event are after the jump.