Sarah Jessica Parker’s Purple

March 10th, 2005 // 36 Comments

Mid-yawn I’m thinking.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lulu

    where is baby james?

  2. I don’t care what anyone, I still think she’s a fabulous female specimen. Horse face and all.

  3. Zach


  4. Tammy

    Uh, all that purple and she is wearing BROWN shoes?

  5. mso

    Tammy, matching shoes and clothes and bags is so boring… And she’s in New York, not Dallas or D.C… Imagine how bland that outfit would have looked if she’d had purple shoes on… and also, I think purple and brown are a fab mix.

  6. Tammy

    I was speaking in jest. In other photos of her she was apurple coat, purple blouse, purple hand bag, and purple gloves. Why not complete the grape look with the shoes.

  7. mso

    he he, sorry…
    it’s just that matching shoes and bags and everything is a pet peeve of mine… too strict.

  8. Gapaholic

    More importantly….are these items from The Gap?

  9. Matching shoes and purse too strict my ass. That looks plain stupid. They should coordinate, not play against each other like plaid and polka dots.

  10. tDotBiotch

    i couldn’t disagree more. matching your shoes and handbag and coat and blah blah blah is so 80′s people. come on, mix and match and look hot and stand out.

  11. aguacate jones

    It’s cute, but looks like real fur. Eww.

  12. Steve

    Why does everybody think that this woman is so cute.
    She’s got a face that could stop a clock.

  13. I don’t care about SJP, though that mid-yawn shot is funny, I wanna know who made that bag.

  14. kay

    I thought SJP said she would never wear fur? Whats up with that jacket, its sad that all these celebs are turning to this gross immoral fur fetish. Thats too bad cause i actually liked her

  15. ap

    this coat could very easily be faux-fur. i’m not so sure that it’s real.

  16. mona

    i also want to know who makes the bag???

  17. kay

    I hope its not real

  18. Anika

    The bag looks like it’s Balenciaga.

  19. Taffluv

    Don’t you guys think SJParker is ugly? She’s gross…her face is like a Halloween witch mask (wart, pointy chin, etc.)and she’s so boney. You’d think with all that money she makes she could afford to eat more.

  20. Suka

    I find people’s mindless acceptance of everything PETA says “gross and immoral”.

  21. jen

    well, skinning animals alive is totally gross and immoral no matter if peta exists or not – being ignorant is also gross and immoral

  22. Kristina

    I absolutely love SJP. I think she’s as cute as a button, and I think she is a fabulous dresser:)
    I guess people shouldn’t shun her for wearing “real fur” unless you were there on the street with her and saw the tag in the back of the coat!

  23. TD

    That is very likely to be faux fur.

  24. Jax

    I love SJP, too. I think she is cute and sweet…even though her Sex and the City wardrobe kind of gets scary at times. That woman has abs I’d fricken kill for.


  25. jason

    its funny that you all like the leather bag but worry that the fur is real…i hope it is

  26. Fabiola


  27. J

    If you put her, Flockhart, and Boyle on a weight scale, would they break 250?

  28. bk_honey

    um, excessive matching is so overrated and middle america. in NY, defying convention is the rule of thumb. texture, cut, construction, fit… pay attention to that. color is optional.

    and SJP certainly goes in that fabulous coat.

  29. PG

    I love the coat! fake or real – it is gorgeous (sorry PETA!!)

  30. Cari

    The bag is indeed, Balenciaga, and in that color, it is so fabulous. She looks great, as does her outfit.

  31. Ho’s need to stop hatin’.

  32. oh yeah, and peta can go suck a pickle!
    i guess they don’t care about the *people* of the world?

  33. alma

    i absolutely love SJP, no matter what i like her!! anything she wear fitted her good.

  34. elizabeth

    SJP is super super super…she has style and spunk and is very NY…Ny women know how to dress, they dont care about opinions…they KNOW they have that ‘It’ factor of style..that others crave and copy. Can u tell I love New York City :)….her biggest mistake was in not making a sex in the city movie….now that would have been great fun and I would have been the 1st in line for that.
    Also, she may not be a barbie doll cutout face…but at least thank god there is one woman in show business who isnt mutilating her real face to get that tiny, need a microscope to find it ‘nose’ and puffed out lips that look like they come with their own airpump and eyes that cant close ewwwww…its NICE/REFRESHING to see that she is at least not so insecure to lose her face or her self respect…bravo SJP.

  35. elizabeth

    sarah looks terrific….I wish she would make the sex and the city movie….please plase, I would be 1st in line…what a great cast…so much fun.

  36. tutu

    I’d say she’s ‘pretty ugly.’
    In fact, she’s FUGLY!!
    I have more respect for her than that bee-sting swollen lipped Jolie anyway. At least she doesnt break up a marriage.

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