Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Pensive on “Sex on the City” Set

November 21st, 2007 // 7 Comments

Photos: Onilne

As a pre-Thanksgiving treat, here are some more pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker during filming of the “Sex and the City” move in NYC. She appears to be channeling an 80′s Madonna wearing a futuristic pink sheath dress, a single string of pearls and a black studded belt that looks like it belongs on the neck of a pit bull. But, of course, the most outrageous part of any given Carrie Bradshaw outfit, is going to be the shoes. The delicate-looking high heels look to me as if only someone with her bird-like stature could wear them without risking snapping the heels. And in case you’re wondering if black mesh has a place in fashion, Carrie’s ankles are here to tell you yes.


More photos of Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of “Sex and the City” after the jump.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. vnkvmef

    i would say she’s more like channeling a cross between mr. ed and the wicked witch from oz with that mole on the front of her head.

  2. ktz123

    Ha Ha!! Good one vnkvmef! I couldn’t agree more!!

  3. ktz123

    Ha Ha!! Good one vnkvmef! I couldn’t agree more!!

  4. devil

    Yeah, she’s certainly had a swipe or two from the ugly stick, hasn’t she?

    I’ve never seen the appeal of this woman. So-so talent, zero looks and now she’s pushing a really stinky perfume. She should just go away.

  5. Zelda F.

    She needs to stop smoking – it’s REALLY aging her skin & lips……

  6. lil me

    wow, vnkvmef, never heard that one before. You’re truly a comic genius.

    I think she looks fine for someone in their mid-forties that doesn’t get work done.

  7. Lisa

    I’ve just seen a video that shows Sarah promoting her clothing line and thought the proposal very interesting ( Besides, she looks great and, as many people say in the interviews shown in this video, it’s unfair naming her the unsexiest woman alive.

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