Sarah Ferguson Blames It (Asking A Reporter For A Bribe) On The Alcohol

Oh Fergie, Ferg. There’s a lot of stupid things done on video when alcohol enters the scene, but trying to extract money for access to your ex is a new one.

Sarah Ferguson was caught on video trying to exchange $724,000 from a reporter for access to Prince Andrew. Who is dumb enough to bribe someone who makes a living telling scandalous stories? (Sarah, my email is on the side of the page and I like my $20 bills crisp.)

Sarah basically had two choices for redemption, rehab or Oprah, and she doesn’t have the money for rehab. In the episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show airing today (June 1) Fergie says, “I”m aware of the fact that I’ve been drinking, you know, that I was not in the right place.”

Check out the clip from Oprah and the video of her bribe after the jump.

US Weekly reports that an insider wasn’t surprised by Fergie’s actions. “She’s totally broke,” the source insists. Ferguson promoted her book Emily’s First Day of School at the BookExpo on Wednesday (May 26) despite the scandal, but children’s books aren’t keeping her afloat.

The source says she never stopped living like a royal, buying Chanel and Hermes she couldn’t afford. She’s known for doing charity work and in January we saw her giving money to a homeless person. Now she’s probably trying to track that guy down to collect her loan with interest. The ex-royal has even gone to lawyers to see if she can sue for a bigger divorce settlement.

Hmmm, it turns out she really did get screwed on her original settlement, but £15,000 per year ain’t bad money for doing nothing. How about looking for one of those job thingies and repeating these words after me. Old. Navy.

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