The Duchess of York Shares Sharon Osbourne’s Bathroom Humor

Usually the impetuous red-head I end up writing about on a daily basis is one Miss Lindsay Lohan, but this time, I’m happy to report that I’m talking about the original Duchess Fergie, who seems to have something of a sense of humor on her.

Sarah has revealed that she and her friend Sharon Osbourne recently stunned diners at an upmarket eaterie in the British capital by posing as lavatory attendants. “We had dinner in this really smart London restaurant,” explained the 47-year-old. “After a few drinks we thought it would be quite fun to go down to the ladies and pretend to be loo attendants. It was very naughty, but God it was funny.”

OK, I’m not going to front like this isn’t a hokey prank, but still, it does make me like her all the more. If Princess Di was the beautiful, yet slightly too-tortured Homecoming Queen on whom you always had to keep an eye lest she end up locking herself in the bathroom and crying again at the party, then Fergie’s the girl you stood next to in chorus whom you’re petty sure it would be pretty easy to convince to play hooky and get drunk on Boone’s on the next away trip.


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