Sarah Palin Thinks What Arnold Schwarzenegger Did Was “Pretty Disgusting”

It’s so rare that we agree with anything Sarah Palin says.  Perhaps the end is nigh after all.

Palin went on Fox Business Channel recently and briefly talked about the scandal surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to the Daily Express.  Earlier this week the former California governor revealed that he had a child out of wedlock with housekeeper Mildred Baena while married to wife Maria Shriver. The couple recently split after twenty-five years of marriage.

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“I feel so bad for his children,” Palin said.  “It must be quite embarrassing for them, and, you know, it’s an irresponsible and really a pretty disgusting thing that he did, pretty much denying that he had a child for 10 years.

“That’s how I look at it. It speaks to his character. It’s sad.”