Sarah Jessica Parker Says There’s A Chance For Another ‘SATC’ Movie

Parade sat down with Sarah Jessica Parker for this Sunday’s edition, and the I Don’t Know How She Does It star confirmed that a third Sex And The City film is in the works.  Our initial reaction is sheer elation, but then we remember how awful the second SATC was and our brow starts to furrow.  So many “What If’s?” flood our brain.  So.  Many.

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The magazine asked if there’s a chance we’ll see a third installment, and SJP said, “There is. I know what the story is. It’s a small story, but I think it should be told. The question is, what’s the right time to tell it?”

Now, there is also a rumor going around that a television show of the famous HBO series is in the works, but the details are very spotty.  The Daily Mail reports that the show’s original creator, Darren Star is taking charge of the project, while SJP will produce.