Sarah Jessica Parker Says She ‘Hates Her Husband For 20 Minutes A Day’

Sarah Jessica Parker is so fun, full of life and spunky that it’s hard to imagine her in a bad mood. Except of course when she is upstaged by Christina Hendrick’s mind blowing decolletage, because honestly how does anyone compete with that? Recently, Sarah admitted that just like the character in her new film, ‘How Does She Do It?’, she too gets overwhelmed and needs about ’20 minutes a day’ to hate on her husband.

“I think that’s healthy and I think it’s realistic. Some people have it down to 20 minutes a week. Other unfortunate people have it down to 20 minutes per hour,” Sarah told Daily Mail.

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Seen here, Sarah Jessica Parker takes her twin girls Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick to an office on the upper west side of New York on September 16th. I’m loving Sarah’s ultra chic mom style with those slim cargo pants, simple flats and adorable purse. You have to realize that this woman is married to ‘Ferris Bueller’ aka star of the terrible 90’s adaption of ‘Godzilla’ aka one of the most nasally guys in acting, Matthew Broderick. Don’t get me wrong, I love the dude and think he is hilarious, but being around him 24/7 has to wear on this woman’s nerves. In fact, anyone married knows how realistic Sarah’s relationship analogy can be. Actually, they are a match made in heaven because she ain’t no cupcake herself when she is whining about ‘Big’ on ‘Sex and the City’ every single episode. However, their children are absolutely beautiful to be sure.