Sarah Jessica Parker Doesn’t Like Jury Duty

Like everyone else, Sarah Jessica Parker was not thrilled to be called for jury duty.  The New York Post claimed that she was in a sour mood and not up having her picture taken, but who can blame her? Parker attempted to use every excuse in the book from “my daughter is sick,” to “I’m leaving on an international flight in the morning,” neither of which worked.  Thankfully, the Sex and the City star was dismissed without being selected for a case.

She wasn’t too thrill about finding the press waiting for her outside, though.  “Leave me alone!” she screamed to a waiting photographer.  In an interview with the Post following her time at City Hall, Parker denied that jury duty put her in a sour mood. “I never once raised my hand. I don’t shirk any of my civic responsibilities,” she insisted.

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SJP, it’s totally cool if you hate jury duty.  Newsflash: no one really loves it.