Sarah Hyland Is Doing Community Service! On The Modern Family Set, That Is [PHOTOS]

Just because you have an Emmy-dominating, critically acclaimed show, doesn’t mean you get to walk on nothing but red carpets. Fresh out of an incredibly favorable Emmy weekend, the stars of ABC’s Modern Family are back in the trenches, perpetuating the legacy. The show is continuing the filming of it’s fourth season in Los Angeles over the next few weeks, and new, surprising plot points are already being revealed.

Sarah Hyland, who’s character Haley Dunphy would never be caught doing anything dirty or uncouth, was seen in an unpleasant position, to say the least. The actress donned an orange hard hat and a reflective vest (accessorized with jewelry and an accenting-colors outfit, of course) as she picked up trash along what looks like a highway.

That’s right, Hyland was caught doing community service on the set of Modern Family! The new season only just premiered a few weeks ago, so the reason for Hyland’s eventual landing in community service is still unknown for the time being.

Whatever the reason, the actress was seen getting into character throughout the whole shoot by making faces and posing, à la her television counterpart.

How do you think events will unfold to lead Sarah Hyland to this obviously compromising state? Her character, Haley recently got accepted into college on the show, so this surely can’t be an expected or wanted place to be in. Let us know what you think in the comments. And check out the gallery to see what Haley Dunphy looks like in community service garb; it may be the only time you ever see her in it!

And catch the new season of Modern Family on ABC, on Wednesdays.