Sarah Hyland & Boyfriend Matt Prokop Love Living Together

Talk about couples that are so adorable they send you into nausea. That’s pretty much how adorable Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and boyfriend Matt Prokop were on The View. The young couple–Sarah is 20 while Matt is 21–met while at an audition for High School Musical 3 and have been living together and coupling together since the tender age of 19.

So how’s it living with your boyfriend, Sarah? “I like it, I like it, I like it.” And ready for this? Matt is the chef in the house. “I have someone who can always test my cooking.” Apparently, well at least according to Sarah, it’s all quite delicious. So Matt cooks, what’s Sarah’s contribution to all this? “I clean up the puppy pads.”

PHOTOS: Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop Enjoy Some Couple Time on the Set of Geek Charming

According to Matt the two of them are very much “a sweatpants couple.” Well then, I guess their recent outing to the Puma event must have been a real treat. But don’t expect wedding bells anytime soon, neither of them feels quite ready. But Sarah! You’re such a good dresser! You had my favorite dress at the Emmy Awards! Imagine how pretty your wedding dress could be!

Matt and Sarah can be seen together on a television set near you in the Disney Channel Original movie, Geek Charming. I love when couples act together. Also, as some reports mentioned, it’s nice to see young couples making it work. Think Sarah and Matt have the living situation all figured out? Check out how cute they are in the gallery then let us know what your thoughts are in the comments.