Santa Came Earlier! Federline Gets Canned…Kinda

Blue Marlin is on the road to redemption. After signing Kevin Federline to be the spokesperson for “Five Star Vintage” the company soon realized its’ mistake. The clothing label suffered after dealing with the rapper-wannabe turd. The official website for Blue Marlin’s Five Star Vintage mysteriously has disappeared along with fashion respect they might have had. The company says they are still going strong and the site is simply “having technical difficulties.” The marketing executive has also responsible for the dirty dealings has “moved on.” Translation: he was shit-canned for being a complete moron.

A source told TMZ that:

“Federline’s contract was allowed to conveniently expire.”

I wonder how many messages Kevin left in desperation at the offices of Blue Marlin. I bet it went something like:

“Hey Y’all, This is your “renegade” white boy. I am totally ready to rep your threads. Yo, its gonna be hot…yeah, hot like playin’ with fire. Which you can buy at K-Mart and the Dollar Tree. So, hit me back on my pager. Yeah, I still rock a pager. Gotta make some cut backs since Brit cheated on my ass. It’s all cool though. Anyway just let me know when you are ready to make use of my flava. I am free anytime and this time I promise to shower. Peace!”