Sanjaya’s Moms Had An Herbal Refreshment Stand

April 25th, 2007 // 8 Comments

The National Enquirer has a piece on how Sanjaya Malakar’s mother was once busted for dealing the devil weed. Hot.

Malakar’s American-born mother, Jillian Blyth, was busted in Pierce County, Wash., in February 2005 after neighbors reported smelling marijuana and noticed a large vent on the garage roof, according to court records obtained exclusively by The Enquirer.

Cops discovered 310 marijuana plants, growing lights — and Sanjaya’s then 17-year-old sister Shyamali!

Shyamali told officers that her mom was at another location in nearby Federal Way, Washington, and when the cops got there, they found a second marijuana-growing operation!

Wow, she was busy. Althought she faced up to five years, she only got 30 days in the hizzy. So if you’re looking to spark up, I’m guessing Sanjaya’s got that kind bud. The kind that makes half your face freeze. That hydroponic shit that doesn’t even require soil! I have no idea what I’m talking about. It took me twelve times to finally get high and then I called the chinese food place every five minutes to make sure my damn order was on the way because I was out my damn mind. Seriously, food is my drug. And my lover. And that’s sad.

More photos of Sanjaya and he’s perfectly highlighted locks after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    hahahahaha J

  2. BARF

    Who’s this guy? He looks like J Lo half way through a sex change

  3. tobeylee

    OMG! He does look like J LO 1/2 way thru a sex change! LOL That is great!

  4. a2thcleaner

    Sooooooooo….Well now we know WHAT they (J and moms)were smoking to believe he has mad chops.

  5. Loob

    It would rule if that sister married M. Night Shyamalan. That would please me.

  6. Sam

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Loob – M. Night’s already married. :(

  7. hahhahahah

    that totally made my morning!

  8. Katie

    That just made me laugh out loud at work like a crazy woman. Thus cementing my reputation. Thanks!

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