Sandy And Jesse Doing Fine After Psycho’s Attack

This past weekend was a decidedly less stressful one for Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, as they seemed to have recovered from the craziness of an attack by a woman who attempted to run Jesse over in their driveway the weekend prior. Bullock produces “The George Lopez Show” and Lopez and his wife spoke with People magazine about how the couple were dealing with the incident.

Said Lopez’s wife, Ann: “We had dinner with them the night after it happened and they were both fine, and they were both talking about it. I guess this person had been harassing them for some time and actually her going that far was a good thing, because they were able to put her away before – you know, the way the laws are, until you [can] actually do something, sometimes that’s too late.”

It’s really been a wake-up call for me, as a high-profile member of Hollywood. Because clearly, I’m doing something wrong if I’ve yet to be attacked by a crazy stalker. Maybe I need to start publishing my daily schedule somewhere…