Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Problems

May 23rd, 2006 // 11 Comments

Yes, Sandy has a stalker. The actress wants to extend a three-year-old stay-away order against a man she accuses of stalking her across three states. That’s pretty serious. Thomas James Weldon, the stalker, is said to have mental problems. He is said to be fixated on Sandra Bullock to the point of wanting a relationship with the actress.

On June 6, 2003, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon issued a default judgment against Thomas James Weldon, 37, after Weldon failed to appear to refute Bullock’s allegations. Weldon was ordered to remain 200 yards from the actress and not to contact her for three years.

“I do not know defendant, I have never met him and I have never communicated with him nor voluntarily accepted any communication from him,” Bullock, 41, said in a court declaration.

She has alleged that Weldon trailed her from Michigan to Texas and California, sending her e-mails and faxes and leaving voice mail messages with her and her family “indicating he wants to have a relationship with her.”

Weldon voluntarily entered the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute in Nashville just before the 2003 order, and has “admitted a serious psychological disorder (paranoid schizophrenia) for which he has often refused to take medication,” Bullock’s attorney, Edwin F. McPherson, said in a statement included in court papers.

McPherson said the hospital is planning to allow Weldon a 90-day furlough in September, and that he believes Weldon remains fixated on Bullock.

More photos of Sandra Bullock walking her three-legged dog, after the jump.

Sandra Seeks to Halt Alleged Stalker [People]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Hekki

    See, people, this is why I would not want to be famous. Once you become famous, you might as well paint a bullseye on your back and your wallet. You’re a target for stalkers and lawsuits. Oh yes. It’s true. Even ugly (but nice and brilliant, respectively) people like Sandra Bullock and David Letterman have stalkers. Not fun. I’d rather live in anonymity and peace.

  2. justmoi

    Who in their right mind would BOTHER stalking Sandra Bullock????

  3. Lock_Him_Up

    She would be pretty easy to get to- when she’s in Austin, she hangs out just like everyone else. Grocery store. Bars. Gas stations. No entourage. And she is a really nice person. Great tipper.

    I very rarely- if ever- have anything pleasant to say about celebrities. But Sandra Bullock is a decent human being who is trying to live her life in Austin in order to keep being a decent human being.

    I hope her husband kicks this guy’s ass.

  4. johnnygirl

    Oh come on.
    Sandra Bullock is NOT ugly and i’d rather read about her doing *anything* before reading about Paris, Nicole, Brandon, Mischa and the rest of those I-was-born-with-a-GOLDEN-spoon-in-my-mouth-and-I’ll-never-work-a-day-in-my-life b*tches. Sandra seems down to earth and seems like she’s more of a *real* person. I hope the freak gets locked up so she can be left alone.

  5. countrybabe

    Why would anybody try to stalk her with a husband that looks like that?

  6. L&LMommy

    JJ is all kinds of cute!

  7. Small Fry

    I agree, they need to keep this guy away from her. If he isn’t taking his medication who knows how far he’ll go.

    As a side note, does anyone else thing these two make an odd couple? I mean, he goes from porn star to down-to-earth Sandra Bullock. I don’t know them personally, but they just don’t strike me as a match. Happy for them though.

  8. Wags

    Who is worse, the mental patient or the douchebag that follows Bullock around all day taking pics for Socialitelife, among others?

  9. Danaleri

    hellooooo…did anyone notice her 3 legged dog…freaky!

  10. sorighton


    Come on guys – you gotta admit its funny!

    She’s absolutely a Big Zero on the attractive scale. And celebrities just BEG to be stalked. Why else would you go into such an exhibitionistic profession? For the good of mankind?


  11. DV

    Y’all make the same mistakes.

    a) you assume that Sandra is not at all like a pornstar based on the characters she’s played.

    b) that she is ugly. she is not. yeah, she’s kinda plain looking amongst popstars, actresses, etc. but she’d be the hottest chick in your office building, dorm, small town, etc.

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