Sandra Bullock Leaves Homes, Paparazzi Orgasm Ensues

April 1st, 2010 // 6 Comments

I think it will be a while before Sandra Bullock thinks about leaving her home again any time soon. Jesus. The paparazzi really don’t get that whole personal space thing do they? Watch the video of some of the chaos after the jump.

Bullock was spotted leaving the home of Beverly Hills-based investment manager and longtime Bullock family friend Gabriel Brener.

“Everyone was crowding around the car and being very aggressive,” an eyewitness told E!. “The car even went back inside of the gate at one point because they couldn’t leave without hitting the paps.”

With Jesse James now in sex rehab for 45 days, Sandra knows she has a chunk of time to figure out should she stay or should she go. Hint – RUNNNNNNNNN!

People is reporting, “She’s in shock.” But as she’s had more time to think, “She’s sad – but getting angrier.” Keep those baseball bats away from Sandra!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Liz

    That’s just scary!

  2. Joan durtz

    She’s probably saying “Thanks a lot Jesse James, you f’n a**hole”.

  3. Hun

    Get the F*** out of my garage!! (is what i’d be thinkin)

  4. Ina

    The driver should have run them down …

    Somebody has do do something – People seem to think Sandra is just “money” for them – she is a human being!
    Think about that!
    Damn, I’m angry!

  5. m

    What a bunch a bastards. Seriously it should be open season on these jerks. I would have run right over his ass. Poor Sandra Bullock.

  6. Aurelia Alonzo

    I know enough about Sandra…to know she did not deserve what that scum bucket of a husband did to her…she is soooo sweet..i saw her @ LAX airport ounce and she was so polite and sweet. No women deserves a cheating husband,but to add insult to injury …to cheat on a classy,smart,adorable,witty,charming,caring,wonderfull wife ( and oscar winnr ) with that mess of a whore is just too much !!! really ? why do men always always cheat on the best thing they could ever have with sluts who have no sense of morals ? I honestly believe ounce a pero always a pero !!!! run Sandra as fast as you can and never look back !!!!

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