Sandra Bullock Knows She Can Be A Pain

While the characters she plays are often goofy and inexplicably lovable, Sandra Bullock reveals in an interview with Parade magazine that she is far more high-maintenance in real life.

“Listen, I know I’m not easy to deal with. I’m controlling, and I want everything orderly, and I need lists…I’m difficult on every single level. I’m aware that I can be annoying,” Sandra admits.

However, she believes that she has found her match in husband, Jesse James. Bullock explains, “It’s lucky when you have a partner. It took someone like him who was unafraid. My energy can be daunting. Do you really want to wake up to this at 5 in the morning? Apparently, he did.”

And as a stepmother, Sandra unexpectedly found peace in her highly organized life that she never anticipated could exist. She confesses, “I now know that anything sweet, really sweet, that I have was nothing that I planned. If you
don’t have kids and animals, you don’t truly know what real life is about.”

All the smiles and good times help to make up for the crazy baby mama drama.