Sandra Bullock Getting In Touch With Her German Roots

Sandra Bullock is working her way back into Germany by trying to get German citizenship. Bullock, the daughter of an American and a German opera singer, actually lived in Nuremberg until she was 12, and grew up speaking German and everything. She may be America’s sweetheart, but the Germans are loving her as well.

At this point in Germany, a person born to German parents somewhere else may not hold two passports so they have to pick which passport they want. Germany is usually so organized, don’t you think that they would have sorted something like this out by now?

Well Sandra, good luck to you as you try to become a German. No wait, sorry, I know you’re already a German, I meant citizen. I’m trying to imagine The Proposal set in Germany. All I see is a silent German Expressionist film with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. Not gonna lie, I kinda like it.

Gallery Info: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of The Proposal in Munich, Germany.