Sandra Bullock ‘Blind Side’ -ed by Strength and Warm Hearts

“Leigh Anne scared me from the minute she opened the door,” Sandra Bullock told Entertainment Weekly of real life Leigh Anne Tuohy. “I was sitting in a chair in her house with my little hands folded in my lap. I couldn’t say anything.”

Sandra Bullock portrays Tuohy in the ‘Blind Side’, a film adaptation that recounts the story of the love and support a wealthy white Memphis couple gives to a homeless black teenager. Through the trials and tribulations, the family turns to each other and helps the teenager to enroll in college and eventually play for the NFL Baltimore Ravens. A heart-warming family film mixed with the pig skin, writer-director John Lee Hancock new a blockbuster before him.

However, Bullock was hesitant on sap until Tuohy showed her pistol packing sass. “At the end of the day, Leigh Anne took a little hand pistol out of her glove compartment and said, ‘Y’all just need to carry one of these,'” Bullock remembers. “I kid you not. If you’re her friend, she would stop at nothing to get done what she needed to get done for you. If you’re her enemy, forget about it — you’re going to wish you were dead.”

The stepmom to Jesse James’ three children was convinced and signed on. Would you cross this Southerner’s spitfire? I wouldn’t!

It seems the real Tuohy is pleased with Bullock’s performance. According to Entertainment Weekly Tuohy stated, “if she’d done a bad job, I’d have told you in a second — I’m all about being honest. And she has nice ta-tas. I was elated about that.”

Oh, that’s sweet.

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