Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds: Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Entertainment Weekly’s Hollywood Insider has the scoop on a new romantic comedy starring our two flavorites: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  The two had us at “I Do?” in The Proposal last year and made a killing at the box office.  Reynolds has come a long way since Two Guys, A Girl And a Pizza Place. And Bullock graciously accepted her accolades this past weekend, first at Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” Awards, then at the MTV Movie Awards.  The world adores Bullock more than ever when she admitted to the audience that this year was a tough one, and Reynolds did a fantastic job of introducing his leading lady (on-screen, natch) while his off-screen lady, Scarlet Johansson, waited patiently to give the actress a smoocheroo

Now, back to this comedy-in-the-making.  The working title is Most Wanted, and was purchased by Universal Pictures for $1 million on Friday.  The same company that produced The Proposal will also produce Most Wanted, which revolves around a criminal (Bullock) being escorted to court by a U.S. Marshall (Reynolds).  Both get ambushed en route and are forced to go on the run.  Interesting.  I’ll judge after I see the final product.  Just glad to see that Hollywood is using its comedic talent wisely (no more Jennifer Aniston for awhile, please.  She’s not that funny).

I love these pictures of Bullock and Reynolds at the Peoples Choice Awards back in January.  They’re a reminder of happier times. *Sigh*