Who Wants To Buy Sandra Bullock And Jesse James’ Love Nest? One Home For Sale, One Being Furnished.

Sandra Bullock is divorcing Jesse James and moving on with her new baby Louis. But moving where?

Not back home, that’s for sure. The house the couple shared in Sunset Beach, Ca. has just been listed for a little under $6 million. It turn out that “listed” does not mean you can go check it out for fun after brunch. There’s no open house and you need to go through a screening process which involves taking photos.

The couple has another home though, a Victorian mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans they bought before the scandal. Trucks from El Sol Logistics, a moving company based out of Austin, Tx., Bullock’s hometown, were seen moving in furniture to the Louisiana home. Little Louis is from New Orleans and in her interview with People, Bullock said , “New Orleans is his city, and he is going to know it inside and out.”

It sounds like the couple planned to spend time in New Orleans and maybe go back and forth to Southern California where Jesse’s kids are. Now Sandra will probably settle in one spot. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see her with Jesse’s kids one afternoon far down the road.