Sandra Bullock Loves Her Man

August 31st, 2005 // 17 Comments

While Jesse James is not my personal type, she looks happy. Although she seem to be hugging on for dear life after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. nicky

    She deserves to be happy. She conducts herself like a Class Act movie star. Bravo!

  2. DJ

    I dont think shes huggin on for dear life. it looks like shes hiding behind him. Hes not as popular as Sandra, and it looks like shes causing alot of attention at the airport!

  3. God he is hot. Congrats to her!!

  4. raevee nyc

    I love her!
    and I love them together!
    Its so nice to see a genuinely happy couple.

  5. Jane

    I’m not a big Sandra fan but I love seeing her look so happy and serene. And I’d be hugging onto that big sexy hunk of meat too if it were mine!

  6. doofus

    I’m with you guys…the man is hot, he owns his own business (even before he was a TV star), he works hard and he’s a no BS kind of guy.

    plus, he’s one funny SOB. I’m just happy he’s with her and not some empty-headed boob (pun intended) like Tara Reid.

  7. LuvChoo

    I love Sandra, but what was she thinkin’? He’s been married 3 times,(to her zero times) and one of his wives was a porn star. I can see someone like Paris Hilton diving into that, but not Sandra Bullock.

  8. ella

    She conducts herself nicely because she was born in VA and went to college in NC. Southern hospitality baby!

  9. Laura Lord Belle

    I am so attracted to his ex…Janine Lindemulder


    Happy for both of them!!

  10. Tessie

    They look soooooo cute and nice together!!! I’m happy that she has finally found her true love (hopefully) where are they on those photos anyway??

  11. mnc

    acutally it loks like she is just leaning on and into him… it looks comfy, not clingy

    all the best to them

  12. Tracy

    If he were my man I would be holding on to alot more….i’ll tell you what! haha

  13. Simple_Tina

    Now thats refreshing!! A movie star NOT going out with another movie star!! (hint hint, Bennifer) He’s a REAL MAN!!! They look like a REAL COUPLE!

  14. A Boy and His Dog

    Yeah, yea, ya… but he tucks his ears into his hat… Da, Do’h, deee… I can’t speak

  15. ruby_Lou

    maybe Sandy is hiding the Bun thats in her oven to keep it warm for the next 9 months…who knows but yes shes a lovely actress and the supa glue that was used seemed to have done the job…….

  16. Pleasantly disturbed

    This *hunk* (pukes on key board) hires midgets to build cars. Exploitation people, or giving the small guy a break? HMMMMM. Sandra held out for this tattoo for what. 20 YEARS?? After their wedding they took off in Jesses’ monster truck and he intentionally came as close as he could to the photogs at full speed. At the last sec he swerved and the front right wheel came off the ground. Watch the video, this dumbass is drunk w/ popularity. He’s a walking canker sore.

  17. American Princess

    I think Sandra is awesome. They both seem down to earth and she would never jump into anything. I think they will last…neither is into the “Hollywood” game.

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