Sandra & Louis Bullock Have The Best Halloween Costumes Ever [PHOTOS]

Sandra & Louis
Mom picked up the little guy from daycare.
Now, they may not have worn the most original costumes, but by god Sandra Bullock and her son Louis were basically the cutest people ever on Halloween.

The Academy Award winning actress and her tiny tot decided the best thing to dress up as for Halloween was the amazing duo of Jesse and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. I am totally with them on this.

Louis looked beyond adorable in his little Buzz outfit. Honestly, the only that could have made this better was if he wore one of his signature newsboy caps. Sandra looked lovely, as always. You’d think she was going to some fancy award show and not just trick or treating. Although I’m not sure what award show she could dress up as Jesse at…?

Louis and Sandra have been keeping a relatively low profile of late, which kind of makes me sad. Louis is clearly one of the best dressed children in Hollywood so it’s always nice when he’s out and about. Also, I love the fact that Sandra went trick or treating with a big group of people. Think Louis’ got a grasp on Halloween yet?

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of Sandra and Louis. It’s totally worth it to see how Louis has mastered the “I’m filled with ennui” look. What cute costume do you guys think they should wear next year? Leave us your suggestions in the comments!

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