Sandra Bullock’s Upcoming Role Hits ‘Close’ To Home

Happier Times...?
James and Bullock, before the mud started slinging
Arrrren't They Cute?!
The stylish Bullocks go to a party dressed as pirates!
Sandra Bullock hasn’t really been on the radar much lately (though who can blame her after her really public and reaaally messy divorce from a certain reality TV star?). But she’s starting 2012 off with a bang with her new movie, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which hits theaters this Friday.

Bullock plays 9/11 widow and mother to Oskar, who has Asperger’s syndrome. The movie highlights the strained relationship between the two– such as the fact that Oskar seems to wish that his mother had died in place of his father (played by Tom Hanks). Ouch.

Like her on-screen counterpart, Bullock is also a single mom. On the topic, she sounds like she’s been loving motherhood, calling it her “full priority.” Aww! Bullock seems to be juggling work and motherhood just fine; she was recently seen dropping off her son, Louis, at school and chatting with another youngster.

Thank goodness their relationship doesn’t sound nearly as tumultuous as her on-screen one!