Sandra Bullock Battles Rain. No Time To Battle Kat Von D.

Eww. How much longer will ugly people continue to be glorified on television?

Media whore, Kat Von D, lost a reality tv battle with TLC after the execs refused to pull the editing plug on her romance with tattooed lover and Sandra Bullock ex, Jesse James. The season finale of LA Ink aired on Wednesday and showcased Kat and Jesse gallivanting at the launch of her Wonderland Gallery in West Hollywood, an opening that occurred just two months after his split from Sandra. Burn.

A woman with work and baby on the brain, Sandra was seen in New York City yesterday preoccupied with script coverage and Starbucks runs. For the paparazzi who asked if she watched the finale last night, I hope she threw that pumpkin spice latte right in your face.