Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Continue Filming Scenes For ‘The Heat’ After Two Tragedies [PHOTOS]

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The single mom picks up adorable son Louis from daycare.
Melissa McCarthy Shines
The star takes the 2012 Academy Awards by storm!
And I thought the drama couldn’t get any worse than when Lindsay Lohan filmed (more like survived) Liz & Dick

It seems the cast of The Heat, a film starring Sandra Bullock as a high-strung FBI agent and Melissa McCarthy as an unpredictable Boston cop who try and take down a Russian mobster, is getting a taste of real life drama on the Boston set.

Although filming started just a week ago, there have already been two incidents back-to-back. Monday, an MBTA bus crashed into a parked trailer that sent 15 passengers to the hospital out of precaution. Yesterday, Tuesday, July 10, there was a stabbing just blocks away from where the shoot was occurring, sending three victims to the hospital with one confirmed dead.

And this isn’t the first time the Bay State has given star Sandra Bullock trouble!

Read on for more details.

Last time the star shot a film in Massachusetts, she and then-husband Jesse James were hit head on by a drunk driver. While they both walked away unscathed, I would be thinking twice about spending time in this cursed state if I were her. The star was on location filming romantic comedy The Proposal when the couple decided to drive to Gloucester to buy a birthday cake for their dog… and that’s when they were hit.

Past accidents aside, it seems as if the drama plaguing the new set of The Heat will pass soon enough.

After the bus crash, according to The Boston HeraldDeborah Simmrin, the publicist for The Heat, said, “We just continued working.”

The trailer, filled with camera equipment, has reportedly not been damaged and according to city officials, it had the proper permits to be parked there. The stars were in a building filming across the street when the crash occurred.

The stabbing took place on the corner of Dudley and Washington streets and sent three men ages 17-21 to the hospital with one dead. The other two have non life threatening injuries. The suspect was actually chased down and captured by a security detail working on the set along with other officers. The movie stopped filming only for a moment or two, as they do every time sirens interrupt. Simmrin said the crew did not know what had happened and continued working. The publicist also added that there were no plans to increase security on set, so obviously the crew is not worried about these small incidents.

Well, best of luck to the cast, crew and city of Boston! We can only hope today doesn’t bring another interesting story to the doorstep of this new (and surely hilarious) film.