Sandra Bullock And Camila Alves Arrange A Play Date For Their Kids [PHOTOS]

Matthew McConaughey
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It seems that being a single mom is working pretty well for Sandra Bullock, right now. And it seems that being married to Matthew McConaughey is working out pretty well for Camila Alves.

In a place far far away from the Homeland of Los Angeles called New Orleans, Louisiana, Camila Alves and Sandra Bullock gathered to enjoy each other’s company while their kids all played together on Wednesday afternoon.

Alves, who normally lives in Texas with her husband, is temporarily stationed in New Orleans while McConaughey films his latest project, “The Wolf of Wall Street.No word on the reason that Bullock was in New Orleans, but hey, the more the merrier, right? Bullock and McConaughey are old friends, so it’s no wonder she and Alves have also gotten close.

On a sunny November afternoon in New Orleans, Bullock and her son Louis  and Alves, and her kids Levi and Vida, met up at Carousel Gardens Amusement Park where the 3 kids joyfully enjoyed the carousel ride as the moms looked on. It’s always nice seeing good mothers in Hollywood, huh? Glad they found each other, those 2.

Check out the gallery to see Mrs. Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock being almost to cute and chummy.

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