Adam Sandler And Keri Russell Frolic About On The Shore

Here’s Adam Sandler with the luminous Keri Russell running around and being silly on the set of their new movie, Bedtime Stories. Felicity can wear a lilac-colored nurse’s uniform and still be tremendous. The movie is about Sandler making up bedtime stories for his niece and nephew and they start coming alive. Please, no. I’ll just set my sawbuck on fire, thanks. No need to even pass me the ticket.

And why are they abusing that bear? I don’t truck with bear abusers on this site, Sandler. I hope he rises up and gnaws off your kneecaps and then goes to Target to buy some new games for his Wii or a bread maker. Those bears. It’s all about video games, and food. Trust me, I live with one.


More photos of Keri Russell and Adam Sandler on the ‘Bedtime Stories’ set after the jump.


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