Samuel L. Jackson Reads Slam Poetry About ‘Boy Meets World’ And It’s Awesome

On Set: 'Girl Meets World'
On set photos, featuring some familiar 'Boy Meets World' faces
So, did you think there could be anything more awesome in this world that Samuel L. Jackson just being Samuel L. Jackson?

I mean, it can’t get better, right? Oh but it does. Especially when last on The Tonight Show Samuel L. Jackson launched into some serious slam poetry about Boy Meets World. I know, your heart is giddy with joy.

Samuel L. Jackson (his name must be said in full) puffed on a cigarette as he recounted the hit kids show, even throwing in a “Feeeeneee-nay” for good measure. 

Everything about this is amazing and I want to spend the rest of my day watching it. You should too! Check it out above and tell us how much you love it in the comments below. Now I need me some Girl Meets World stat!