Richie Sambora Facing Child Endangerment Charge Or Not?


People magazine is reporting that Richie Sambora’s drunk driving episode is resulting in two misdemeanor charges, DUI and child endangerment, since he was careening around Laguna Beach drunk in his Hummer with his 10-year-old daughter in the car.

Richie’s girlfriend Jenn Mallini and his daughter’s teenage cousin were also in the car during the incident. According to DUI lawyer Lawrence Taylor (who spoke with People magazine), “Assuming Sambora was driving with over a .08 blood-alcohol level with a passenger under 14 in the car, he’s looking at probable jail time.”

But, there’s a bit of confusion going on, with TMZ reporting that “a significant number of officers” at the Laguna Beach PD believe that Sambora shouldn’t be charged with child endangerment, since there was “no evidence of dangerous or erratic driving,” the site states.

Hmm, well, the fact that he was driving a Hummer is enough for me. I don’t even care if he was drunk or not. I highly doubt he was doing military maneuvers or hauling trees in Laguna Beach, which makes him pretty much a douche for driving a car like that.

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