Samantha’s ‘Sex And The City’ Sequel Spoilers

The Sex and The City ladies are busy painting the town red filming scenes for the sequel. So far, we’ve been able to surmise from some of Sarah Jessica Parker’s retro fashions on set that some peeks into Carrie Bradshaw’s 80s past are in order.

However, it seems the Daily Mail has been doing some zooming of high-resolution photos of Kim Cattrall walking on set in character as Samantha Jones. And the results include some potential sequel spoilers.

Click the continue reading link to find out, but be forewarned with a SPOILER ALERT!

Gallery Info: Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon on the set of Sex and the City 2.

A closer look at the script in Kim’s hands reportedly contains the following dialogue between Samantha and her assistant, Meghan.Samantha tells her: “I’m going to need you to go on a testosterone run.”Meghan replies: “I’ll do it first thing tomorrow.”Samantha told her curtly: “I’ll call the pharmacy and tell them you are on your way.”Additionally, rumor has it that Samantha’s ex-boyfriend, Smith Jerrod, (played by Jason Lewis) might be returning in the sequel.